DECADES OF HORROR - “monsters!; the 1930’s part I”

Dracula | 1931
Frankenstein | 1931
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | 1931
The Mummy | 1932 
King Kong | 1933
The Invisible Man | 1933
The Bride of Frankenstein | 1935
Werewolf of London | 1935
Son of Frankenstein | 1939
The Hunchback of Notre Dame | 1939

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"It’s just a scratch."

Dracula (1931)

Nosferatu (1922)


Fake TV Show Meme: A crime show with vampires for cavernsoftheirteeth. The story follows two vampire lovers (Holliday Grainger, Angel Coulby) who have been relentlessly pursued by two detectives (Michael Emerson, Idris Elba) for the past twenty years. It also explores the lives and deaths of the women over the past several decades.


Do-it-yourself vampire kit. Very cute.


Vampire Smile

a mix for a vampire and their mortal lover.

Baby you need to leave, cause I’m getting drunk on your noble deeds. It doesn’t matter that they don’t get done, when I feel this cold they’re like the fucking sun.

{L I S T E N!}

001. BREATHING UNDERWATER metric / 002. ME AND THE DEVIL soap & skin / 003. BONES msmr / 004. SALTWATER QUEEN the battle of land and sea / 005. I’M ON FIRE chromatics / 006. VAMPIRE SMILE kyla la grange / 007. HURRICANE msmr / 008. KILL FOR LOVE chromatics / 009. A HANDSOME STRANGER CALLED DEATH foe / 010. KEEP THE STREETS EMPTY FOR ME fever rey / 011. RUNNING UP THAT HILL placebo / 012. WE SINK chvrches